[Restaurant] Noodle Milbit ChogyeGooksoo

Restaurant : Misari milbit Chogyegooksoo

In Korean ‘미사리 밀빛 초계국수’
If you need a help to find the way to the restaurant, just showing the letter above.
And if you want to know how to speak that words, just follow this
‘Mee-Sa-Ree, Meal-bit, Cho-ke-cook-soo’
Need more information?

What is it?

Do you know ‘Naengmyeon’?
If you already know about it, you can easily understand.
If not …. Just imagine about it. (sorry)
There was no information in ‘Wikipedia’ about 'Chogyegooksoo'
Here is the link of ‘Naengmyeon‘ in Wikipedia.
if you want to search image about this food copy and paste this words ‘초계국수’
(you can find search box on right upper area on my menu bar)


  • There are two kinds of Chogyegooksoo.
    chicken soup base one and spice source base one.
    (I like chicken soup base one.)
  • both of them are vinegar base
  • chicken breast is added on the top of the noodle
  • wheat noodle is main part of the food
    (and this is the different point with Naengmyeon)

Where is it?

Here is the link of google map

This restaurant is located in a suburban area, so you might need a ride.
If you have no car, it will be more difficult when you come back.

위치:Seoul, Korea 대한민국 경기도 하남시 덕풍동 38-3

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