[Place] Star Field Hanam - Shopping Mall

Star Filed Hanam

It is a shopping mall. In Korean ‘스타필드 하남’
Actually, not just a shopping mall but very very huge shopping complex center.
And, it opened at 9, Sep, 2016.
Let me introduce a brand new hot place.

Why do you have to visit here?

First of all, It is the biggest shopping complex in Korea.
  • Total area(from B4 to 4F) is the same as 70 soccer fields
  • 6,200 parking lots in there
  • Almost 330,000 people visit there in first two days after open

Secondly, if you are woman….
  • More than 750 various brand shop and one department store. cool?

Finally, there is a place for Man and child.
I have to notice that one of their slogan is “What a WonderFull day”
  • Asia’s first BMW MINI City Lounge in there
  • Toy Kingdom for your child
  • Sports monster for basketball, Art climbing
  • Aquafields the Swiming pool
If you have interesting to visit here, I have to say that it’ll takes a full day.

How to get there?

Visit their website
English, Chinese, Japanese are supported. find it left upper side on website

Address : 경기도 하남시 미사대로 750
                   750 Misadaero, Hanamsi, Gyeonggido
Tel : 1833-9011
Mail : starfield@starfield.co.kr


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