[Local hot place] Dongbinggo Patbingsu shop

Now the summer is approaching and shuffling sludge 
Let me introduce Wannabe item in summer season 'Pat-bing-su'

One of the most famous place so there is always stand in line to wait.
While waiting in line  you may see a people like celebrities. 
The place introduced by many TV show.

Pat-bing-su is Korean traditional between meal.
This place is famous for the basic Patbingsu
(just milk, shaved ice, and home made red bean paste)

Very Subjective Rating ★★★★☆ (in five)
o atmosphere: small and a little noisy 
ㅇtaste: no sugar, no evaporated milk, no canned red bean paste 
o price: ₩ 6,500 Basic Patbingsu 
ㅇComment: feel the strength of the basic


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